Cake Decorating Accessories Online

Order your cake decorating accessories online and get to decorating in a flash

We know sometimes it’s inconvenient to get to a physical shop, so we’ve made it easy to get your cake decorating supplies online—with super-fast delivery.

Eliminate the need to walk through shop aisles, browsing what’s available.  Decorating tools for your new cake creation are here for you to find—online and at your leisure. 

We offer a wide range of cake decorating accessories including sweet sticks, moulds, cake combs, piping bags and more.

As a family-owned and operated business, we put our heart into our store.  We too have an abiding passion for baking and cake decoration and carefully select cake decorating supplies which we know will delight you.

Helping you ignite your imagination is at the core of our ethos.  Because we believe in the positive effects of cooking as an entire process: from planning to experimenting and immersing yourself in the creative process… right through to the joy of sharing your creations.

It doesn’t matter what your age or level of expertise is—our products are for amateurs and professionals alike.  Enjoy using our cake decorating supplies from great brands such as Wilton, Sweet Tooth Fairy, Wilton, Sweet Sugarbelle and many others.

And as an extra sweet aside, 10 percent of all profits go to the David Morris Cancer Research Fund charity, which makes a huge difference to people’s lives.