Caking It Up - Strip Cutters

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Caking It Up - Strip Cutters

Caking It Up - Strip Cutters
  • Fondant stripes are now quick and easy to create with this set of extra long strip cutters. Each cutter is 24cm long.
  • With 3 different widths in each set you will create perfect stripes each time. The extra length is perfect for taller cakes, saving time and creating a clean and sharp finish.
  • These cutters are easy to use, simple to clean and come with a resealable pouch for simple storage.
  • For best results every time, roll your fondant to a thickness of 2mm.

Each pack contains:

  • 0.5cm strip cutter (will cut 6 stripes at a time)
  • 1cm strip cutter (will cut 3 stripes at a time)
  • 2.5cm strip cutter (will cut 1 wide stripe at a time)

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